Grouping tool

Made my own Grouping tool in Unity

At first this was a project for school, we had to look at our work process and look for a way to make the process more convenient. What I found to be time consuming is the process of manually grouping everything in my hierarchy. So I decided to make a grouping tool. I made two versions, the first one is a little bit longer, it opens up a window in Unity and it allows you to type in a custom name. With the second version, which you can see below, you just press two keys and it groups the selected objects.

Grouping Code from the short version

Revolution runner

Main menu of the game

Revolution Runner was a school project were we had one week to design and make a game, specifically an one button game. After some quick thinking we settled on an american revolution themed endless runner. In this game you had to steal back tea. It was one of the more fun school gamejams I worked on, especially because of the theme.
Below you can also see the Enemy bullet behaviour script that the bullets used.

Enemy bullet behaviour

Chemical mania

Main menu of chemical mania

Chemical Mania is a serious game we made about water and one of my most favorite projects. This was an assignment for the dutch water museum through school. This was also a very awesome project to work on but at certain points became quite the fun challenge because we had some restrictions. For example, small kids would have to be able to play the game. That was quite the fun challenge to overcome. So in the possible future I would love to learn more about serious/educative games. Our game was about balancing the PH value in the sewer water. In the game you could use a couple of potions to balance the value. And if you stayed as close as possible to seven you win. Below you can see the script which allowed you to use the potions

Code for the potions

Robots VS Aliens

Here is a little preview.

Robots vs Aliens was an assignment were I and one artist worked on for school, the game is somehow finished. I have decided to keep working on it as a personal project. So gradually I will replace all art with self made pixel art and rework the combat system.
Below you can see one of the more easier scripts I made. It is a mana system that grants you a certain amount of mana over time.

Code for a mana system used in the project