I have two years of experience in Unity 2D and 3D and the language C#. My role most of the time is UI programming, but I also love to program gameplay, especially 2D. At the moment I am also programming a tool, which is on this website.


For the moment I know a little bit of normal Github and since I use it everyday now I am even more familiar with it. Also I am using two shells, git tortoise and sourcetree, both of which are very easy to use and to track all my changes.

Team work / Scrum

Before I started programming I was never one to work in groups, I didn’t really like it. But now I work in teams for school and I really like it. I always do my best to help my colleagues to the best of my abilities and to get to know everyone personally. I also know how to apply scrum to my group projects and most my projects I have been the scrum master. I am still learning on how to be more effective with it and would love to learn more.